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The 2017 scholarship grant program was completed on June 28th with notification letters sent to all recipients and checks of $1,000.00 sent to each recipient's specified institution of higher learning. In total, we awarded eight grants in 2017. In 2018, we have a few more sponsored grants, but we anticipate many more applicants. We still need your help to provide grants to more deserving applicants. The deadline for applications is June 1st. We must receive applications by that date. Please send applications to 2010 Worcester Lane, Garland, Texas 75040. Donors are truly investing in the future of our country. Thanks very much. We hope our programs will bring more members to our Society. Please invite you friends to join us. Associate members are always welcome. If you need the application, call Lynn Ball at 972-495-1704.

Following are the Legacy grants and the sponsored grants we have at this date.

Also underway is the 2018 Scholarship Foundation fundraising raffle. All members will receive raffle tickets and a letter from the Foundation after January 1st. We have received donations of over forty prizes including a Korean War Commemorative Thompson sub-machine gun donated by Tom Maines. Tom also donated more commemorative weapons to be used in future raffles. Thanks Tom. We are currently planning our 2018 Scholarship Grants Program and are accepting donations. Please send donations and grant applications to the Foundation at 2010 Worcester Lane, Garland, Texas 75040. We also finalized our 2017 fundraising raffle. On June 15th, we drew 55 names for prizes. The winners and the prize donors were listed in the 2017 August Watch. The prizes were shipped to the winners and arrangements were made to transfer the target pistol to the winner of the prize. That has now been finalized and the winner is delighted with his prize. The 1911A weapon won by Bob Barfield was donated back to the Foundation for its next raffle. As you know our officers and staff are all volunteers, so your donations go directly to the grant program. Following is a list of those who donated to the Foundation since our last Watch. Thanks very much.

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